Effects Of Drinking Coffee In The Evening

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Effects of drinking coffee in the evening

Do you like drinking coffee? If yes, then you are going to learn what it can do for your health and your body. It is no secret that taking a nice cup of coffee in the morning can instantly put you in the right mood a whole day and have some great benefits to your health. Studies conducted have shown that drinking a cup of coffee in the morning can help to lower risks of diseases such as diabetes, cancers and cirrhosis. This is because coffee is made up of certain compounds such as antioxidants which helps in preventing these diseases and making the skin glow and healthier.

However, drinking coffee at night may bring unhealthy changes to your body and health. It has been found that night time caffeine intake delays the body clock by 50 minutes. Actually every person knows that caffeine promotes disturbed sleep and wakefulness. Also there are ways which we have not known before that coffee affects the physiology of an individual. It is well known that coffee contains caffeine which stimulates brain chemicals that keeps the person awake and blocks those which promote sleep.

Effects Of Drinking Coffee In The Evening


Excessive use of coffee in the daytime actually has same effects to coffee during night hours in the regards to the increase of alertness. Being alert is often one of the most important thing for individuals on night jobs and shifts or anything that requires a night driving. A research conducted in 2006 concluded that use of caffeine at night for an improved driving resulted in the adequate performance of the driver compared to those individuals who experience fatigue and have not used caffeine while driving in a long distance. However, alertness level and duration of performance varied in each individual. The consumption of caffeine can temporarily increase your alertness at night and it does not cause sobriety in those individuals intoxicated with alcohol.

Poor Sleep Quality

Insomnia is the side effect of taking late night beverages which are caffeinated, more especially if you consume more than 500 milligrams in a 24 hour period. Drinking beverages which are caffeinated prior to bedtime will automatically delay sleep as well as alter a normal stages of sleep that is achieved during night time. The study conducted in 1974 explored disturbance of sleep in middle-aged adults after taking 300 milligrams of caffeine at night. The participants showed increased wakefulness and the moment sleep occurred, the participants were unable to have adequate deep sleep stages. Sleep disturbance from caffeine is dependent upon the sensitivity and tolerance of individuals to the substance.

Daytime Tiredness

Drinking coffee at night can bring difficulties in staying awake during daytime and prevent cognitive functions. Young ones who use coffee at late night may suffer from tiredness during class time, hence decreased participation in class. They also suffer slow thinking and disturbances from lack of enough and deep sleep. Therefore drinking coffee at evening is not good as it causes a daytime tiredness in the next day.

Acute Withdrawal

The potential for experiencing coffee withdrawal the next day after using coffee at late hours results in side effects like headaches, anxiety, and poor concentration. Developing a withdrawal side effects is actually dependent on the individual. However the withdrawal may occur from as small as 30 milligrams of caffeine. A minimal daytime use of coffee and avoidance of night consumption of coffee is suggested to prevent a withdrawal effect.


In conclusion, it is important to note that there is a recommended level of coffee consumption in a day. Taking one to two cups of coffee is actually enough to get an individual through the day. It is also important to ensure that you don’t add a lot of sugar or milk because it will make the coffee go easy on calories. Coffee can do a lot to a person when taken at the right time and in a moderate amount. Too much coffee before you sleep can actually do a lot to an individual including proper alertness, poor sleep quality, daytime tiredness, and acute withdrawal.


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