Top 10 Best Coffee Beans Brands To Buy 2022 For Perfect Breakfast – How To Choose

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Top 10 Best Coffee Beans Brands

A cup of coffee in the morning brings you creative energy to start a good working day. So, what type of coffee do you like? And have you found the appropriate coffee beans?

If you do not find it, no problem. Welcome to our coffee world!

By our knowledge and experience, we considered and chose the best coffee beans to introduce you. The list is just below.

You only need to read carefully and then make a decision later.

Let’s go!!!

What Is Coffee Beans?

Having originated from the Coffea plant, a coffee bean is a pit fruit inside the red and purple known as a cherry.

Similar to common cherries, the coffee fruit is referred to as stone fruit. Despite not being technically beans, the coffee beans are so-called as such because they look like true beans.

There are two well-known varieties of coffee plants – the Robust and the Arabica. For the Robust type, the produced rate in the world is approximately 40% while the Arabica is about 60%.

How to Choose the Best Coffee Beans?

There are many options available on the market, so you need to pocket the vital considerations to pick the best coffee beans as desired. In particular, here are:

Arabica Beans or Robusta Beans

As far as we know, Arabica beans preferred to Robusta beans because of the superior flavor and quality. They are less caffeine compared to Robusta.

Nonetheless, Robusta gives higher productivity and resists disease better. So, many farmers still choose to grow Robusta though its price is lower.

Acidity & Bitterness

Depending on your sensitivity to the acidity of coffee, you can consider choosing the coffee beans with an appropriate acidity level.

  • Coffees from Africa: It has higher acidity, being noted with a floral or fruity taste.
  • Coffees from Sumatra or Brazil: Their acidity is lower.

Although the acidity of coffee is natural, some are possibly sensitive to this. Pay attention!

In terms of bitterness, it is an effect brought about by brewing. The high bitterness in coffee is not good, and this one often occurs when you grind coffee beans too finely. Nonetheless, you only need to brew properly, so you can get rid of overly bitter coffee.

Single Origin or Blends

Single-original coffee is an only specific region, not including other beans, for example, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. The blend, on the contrary, comes with various beans blended in one pack.

What do you like, single-origin or blends?

With single-origin coffee, it is black. Blends might have undesired ingredients such as poorly roasted beans that will affect the flavor though the flavor, acidity, or body is balance in blends.

Roast Date

It would be best to pick freshly roasted coffee. The safe range is about 8-20 days. The best coffee beans to buy will tell you a roast date and the use time.

According to coffee experts, the freshness of the whole bean coffee may last one week to one month since it is roasted.

Top 10 Best Coffee Beans in 2022

1 – Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend – Traditional Espresso Coffee

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend

The first product on our list is our best rated coffee beans from Lavazza, a well-known Italian brand.

The Lavazza Super Crema Blended Whole Bean Coffee is an excellent option for those who love a traditional espresso coffee. It is blended-type – 60% of Arabica and 40% of Robusta, making a unique blend for espresso.

Opening a 2.2-pound bag, you will smell the mild aroma of almonds, honey, and dried fruit. This flavor is even aromatic when you have made up a cup of creamy espresso put beside.

By using an espresso machine, you quickly get a mild cup of espresso. Don’t hesitate to try it!


  • Very rich in aroma
  • Surprise color and consistency
  • Not over-acidity in coffee


  • A little pricier than most other 2lb bags

2 – Koffee Kult Coffee Beans Dark Roasted  – Low Acidic Dark Roast Coffee

Koffee Kult Coffee Beans Dark Roasted

Many customers express that they love the Koffee Kult Coffee Beans. Do you know the reason? Because it has a nice flavor and low acidity. It is ideal for those who are sensitive to acidity.

So, how is its flavor?

It has a strong taste but smooth, thanks to the whole coffee beans from Sumatra, Columbia, and Guatemala. All bring a one-of-a-kind blend.

A cup of espresso, French Press, Keurig, or cold brew with coffee beans is quite extensively.

Plus, its aroma is great. Whether you ground, brew or you are only opening the Koffee Kult bag; you can smell the delicious aroma of beans.

By packing quickly, a 32-oz bag will be roasted and shipped to you immediately. Furthermore, the roasting date printed on the package is convenient for your tracking to use.


  • Espresso with perfect results
  • Very rich and bold
  • No burnt taste


  • Not dark at all

3 – Valhalla Java Whole Bean Coffee – Strong, Delicious Coffee

Valhalla Java Whole Bean Coffee

Being an avid coffee drinker, you are seeking something new, special, and interesting. Well, you can try Valhalla Java Whole Beans Coffee, including two packs, every in the 24-oz size.

The first impression is the taste.

It is a bit smoky and chocolatey. The customers used these beans in the French press left positive comments that there is no bitterness. Even it is black and smooth.

The product is certified by USDA Organic and is fair trade coffee produced to Fair Trade standards.

Most importantly though, the use time longer lasts. Like us who drink 4-6 cups per day, we might make coffee for a month. The less you drink, the longer you can use it.


  • Great flavor of smoke
  • Very smooth
  • Deep, rich aroma


  • Not ideal for espresso

4 – Real Good Coffee Co Whole Bean Coffee  – Best Coffee at Affordable Price

Real Good Coffee Co Whole Bean Coffee

With the experience of craft roasting and coffee sourcing during 30 years, Real Good Coffee Company takes great pride in making really good coffee.

As the name implies, the Real Good Coffee Co Whole Bean Coffee is a full-bodied, single-origin whole bean coffee.

Not including other beans, this 2-pound organic dark coffee only contains excellent quality coffee beans grown in Central and South America. These coffee beans bring together flavor of lemony acidity, bell pepper, and cedar.

As a result, we can enjoy a cup of classic, refreshing coffee.

It is noticeable that these coffee beans can work with all coffee brewers such as espresso maker, Aeropress pot, drip machines,  Moka pot, and French press. So great!


  • No acidic
  • Equally good taste
  • Tantalized aroma with a slight smokiness, caramel, and vanilla hints


  • Easy-to-fall-out coffee beans in the shipping box

5 – illy Classico Whole Bean Coffee – Excellent Taste and Aroma

illy Classico Whole Bean CoffeeIf you are looking for premium quality coffee beans in the world, the illy Classico Whole Bean Coffee is worthy of investing in. The product is appreciated, from taste to aroma.

How does it taste? Yes, its taste is superior, with no bitterness, very smooth.

There are nine of the best Arabica coffee sources around the world blended in this 8.8-ounce coffee box. This is a singular, signature blend that you are hard to find other brands, the customers said.

But, nine different sources in a coffee pack will make flavor become heterogeneous, won’t they?

No! On the contrary, the whole bean coffee from illy has a great mild flavor. It is balanced with notes of chocolate and caramel.


  • Smooth
  • Very strong
  • Good coffee no oily


  • Expensive

6 – SF Bay 7952-1 Coffee French Roast Whole Bean – As Good As Non-Decaf

SF Bay 7952-1 Coffee French Roast Whole Bean

Only using certified Kosher coffee and 100% Arabica coffee beans, the coffee quality from SAN FRANCISCO BAY always makes consumers satisfied.

As some customers have noted, SAN FRANCISCO BAY’s dark roast whole bean has some bitterness; you can also detect some slight sour elements. Yet, all of that is a part of a rich, intricated taste profile.

That result is due to blending beans from Central and South America and roasting. The roasting process is constant until there are flavor oils risen to the surface.

And so, you get a full-bodied coffee with tasting notes, including smoky finish, Toasted Cinnamon, and dark chocolate.

Would you like to enjoy a cup of dark, slightly bitter espresso like that?


  • Plenty of flavor for a French roast
  • Deep smokey taste
  • Good for espresso


  • Beans stuck together

7 – 2LB Cafe Don Pablo DPSB02LB Gourmet Coffee Signature Blend – Smooth Bold Flavor

2LB Cafe Don Pablo DPSB02LB Gourmet Coffee Signature Blend

In the price range under $15, how many cups of espresso can you purchase? We are sure that you will get many cups if you choose the 2LB Cafe Don Pablo DPSB02LB Gourmet Coffee.

First of all, freshness is everything.

The blend of coffee beans from Brazil, Colombia, and Guatemala creates a complex flavor in comparison with a single-origin type. However, the product does not contain any undesired ingredients. All are 100% Arabica whole coffee beans.

Additionally, this is the superior quality coffee beans with low acidic content.

The combination of three makes the coffee taste sweet, well-integrated, and bodied medium to full; the finish is smooth and cocoa-toned, with low acidity, no cause stomach irritation. Feel secure!


  • Affordable price
  • Pretty low acidity
  • Very aromatic, smooth, and flavorful


  • Not strong enough

8 – Mayorga Organics Café Cuban, 2lbs Bag – Strong Dark Coffee with Flavors

Mayorga Organics Café Cuban, 2lbs Bag

We continue to give you another 100% USDA organic dark roast whole bean coffee – the Mayorga Organics Café Cuban.

The Mayorga Organics Café will not be bland, watery, or bitter. This coffee, by contrast, is rich, flavorful, and full-bodied.

When we have consulted feedback from consumers, they pointed out that it is no acidic and bitter. They even choose the Mayorga Organics Café as an alternative one for the price.

The price per ounce of these beans is very affordable. Even we want to say that it is less than many coffee beans on the market.

Give it a try!


  • Smoother, richer flavor
  • Useable for a coffee brewer
  • Little bitterness


  • No latte or cappuccino

9 – Eight O’Clock 10285 Whole Bean Coffee – Great for Greek style and Espresso

Eight O'Clock 10285 Whole Bean Coffee

150 experienced years, this number is amazing for the coffee brand. And with all those years of experience, the Eight O’Clock 10285 Whole Bean Coffee is a favourite option of many coffee drinkers.

100% Arabica coffee beans packed in the 42-ounce bag are crafted and roasted by the experts. It is entirely appropriate for any coffee drinker.

We are surprised to find a rich, aromatic coffee like the Eight O’Clock 10285. Its flavor is strong, full-bodied, and dark roast with a smooth finish, no bitterness.

We love it. And you?


  •  Reasonable price
  • Longer-lasting use time
  • Nice and smooth


  • Not much flavor

10 – AmazonFresh Colombia Whole Bean Coffee – Good Value for Money

AmazonFresh Colombia Whole Bean Coffee

Is the final product in the list often less quality? This one is likely true to other products, but the AmazonFresh Colombia Whole Bean Coffee that is otherwise is one of our top 10 coffee beans.

It is a medium roasted coffee that offers a balanced act. The roastmasters always take time each batch into consideration to unlock the roasting flavor and aroma.

AmazonFresh ensures that coffee drinkers can enjoy each balanced, full-bodied sip of coffee with a smooth finish.

One 32-oz bag contains 100% Arabica whole bean coffee; you can drink for one month. If you like something medium and full-bodied, don’t ignore the Colombia Coffee from AmazonFresh.


  •  Nice balanced flavor
  •  Low acidity
  •  Rich, deep, full taste


  • Smoothness lacked

In Sum

Would you like to enjoy an acidity cup or a balanced cup of coffee? How many cups do you drink every day?

If you frequently have one more than a cup in a day, there are large bags for your preference. Our product list has full of options, which are the best coffee beans to enjoy.

Most importantly though, what do you like best? How your taste is will decide your favorite coffee.

Do it your way!


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