Coffee Nutrition Facts – Health Benefits Of Coffee

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I have always been wondering whether or not is actually good for my health. So after doing some research, i found out that coffee contains caffeine which is a powerful and addictive stimulant. Most of the individuals who drink coffee regularly feel as if they cannot do anything without it. Caffeine is strong diuretic, hence the more coffee you take, the more the body increases the production of waste. Caffeine and some other ingredients contained in coffee also tends to increase stress causing people to be nervous and fidgety. The great thing about coffee is that it has no calories, no carbohydrates, no fats, and plenty of antioxidants. It has also been found that caffeine stimulates body insulin production which can cause weight gain.

After going through many research, i also found that consuming a lot of coffee or caffeine can bring many negative effects into your body and health in general. Large amount of coffee affects levels of blood sugar causing the process of fat burning to change into the fat storing processes. Too much of it can also trigger the condition called hypoglycemia and accompanied with a lot of dizziness and light headedness. Consuming excessive amount of caffeine can cause nausea, headaches, anxiety, accelerated heartbeat or irritate lining of stomach. This is the reason why most people experience heartburn after consuming or drinking coffee.

Coffee Nutrition Facts – Health Benefits Of Coffee

Studies have shown that coffee is high in antioxidant food and is one of the leading contributors of antioxidants that fight diseases. This is because it helps in reducing inflammation which is actually the root of many diseases. It helps in protecting against neurodegenerative diseases, improved heart health, ability to fight depression, better physical performance, cancer and diabetes protection, increased energy and concentration, improved asthma control, and lowers the risk of getting gastrointestinal diseases. Moderate consumption of coffee can also lead into the following:

High Source of Antioxidants

It is now recommended by many health care practitioners that drinking coffee is a guilty pleasure that no one should feel guilty about it. It is because some studies have shown that coffee is naturally anti-aging beverage that has a great potential of more antioxidant activity when compared to cocoa or other forms of tea leaves. Coffee is more effective at fighting a free radical damage since it increases the antioxidants found in the blood. Caffeic acid and Chlorogenic acid are two of the main antioxidants responsible for health benefits of coffee. These antioxidants are thought to be strong antioxidants and coffee beans have them in rich than other supplements.

Improves Hearth health and prevent Cardiovascular Disease

Coffee which is unfiltered is said to be a significant source of kahweol and cafestol antioxidants, that are diterpene compounds which are been implicated in cholesterol balancing effects of coffee. The habitual consumption of coffee is associated with reduction of mortality, and cardiovascular deaths. The intake of coffee is also associated in lowering the risks of stroke and heart failure. It is also associated with neutral reduction of heart arrhythmia risks even though many individuals feel that it raises the heartbeat making them feel jittery.

Helps in preserving brain function and controls Cognitive decline

If you love drinking coffee, then the good news for you is that, getting old does not mean you loss your mind. Some existing evidence shows that antioxidants in coffee helps in protecting against diseases such as parkinson diseases, incurable neurological disorder and prevents dementia by acting as a natural treatment for Alzheimer’ diseases. This supplement also has some protective qualities against stress and depression in some individuals. Coffee protects against impairment of the memory and lowers the levels of brain of the abnormal protein thought to be the main into the development of Alzheimer.

Increases Physical Performance and Endurance

Various studies have shown that coffee improves physical and mental performances. It increases the alertness of the person in the short run. A slight increase of blood sugar from coffee is potentially good for those athletes who want there blood sugar to increase in order to fuel the muscles before any physical activity.

Helps Protect Liver Health

It has been found from several studies, that individuals who drink coffee have got a reduced risk of experiencing abnormal functioning of liver tests. Coffee can protect individuals from alcoholic liver disease. Taking a cup of coffee everyday can help up to 20 percent reduction in the alcoholic liver syndrome.

In conclusion, when coffee is consumed in moderation, it contributes to a daily fluid balance, keeps you virus free and helps you fight cavities. Coffee is actually far lower in chemicals additives and sugars than other caffeine supplements. Coffee is known to be smart and is better when taken hot.

Coffee is good but sometimes it is known to one of the most contaminated crops in the world. So it is important to ensure that you buy and take organic coffee anytime you wish to. You can also buy shade grown coffee which is a traditional method of growing coffee and it needs fewer chemicals and pesticides.

Another thing to carefully look at is your personal tolerance to caffeine. Concerning the kind of coffee you drink, you may be consuming more than you may think at one time. For individuals prone to insomnia, anxiety, heart problems and even palpitations, drinking coffee might require to be off limits.


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