Is Organic Coffee Your Brain Food

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Is organic coffee your brain food

Organic coffee contains caffeine which is a substance that hits the brain the moment you take it. When caffeine hits your brain, it suppresses the neurotransmitter known as adenosine. This adenosine influences your attention, sleep, and alertness. It builds up in the brain as your day goes on. The moment the adenosine hits certain level, the body decides it is time to go to bed and sleep. After sleeping, the adenosine will reset and in the following morning you wake up alert and let to do your work.

Caffeine in your body competes with adenosine and binds up to some receptors in your brain. When adenosine is blocked, caffeine keeps your cell running, hence making you awake. As caffeine blocks adenosine, chemicals such as dopamine and glutamate join the party and flow more freely giving you the surge of energy, slowing age-related mental decline, and improving mental performance. It also increase the serotonin, which is the major influencer of mood. The boost will also make you feel positive and strong enough to affect depression.

Is Organic Coffee Your Brain Food?

Eating organic coffee can make you happy.

Organic coffee boost production of feel good chemicals known as endorphins. This chemical bind with opiate receptors found in the brain leading into feelings of euphoria. They also reduce pains and diminish a negative effect of stress. Organic coffee is the top dietary source of tryptophan, the amino acid that is a precursor to serotonin, which is the neurotransmitter of positive mood and happiness. The organic coffee also contain phenylethylamine which is a compound known as love drug because it generates the brain buzz which is similar to being in love.

Organic coffee improves blood flow to the brain

Compounds in organic coffee boost your memory, reaction time, problem solving skills, and attention span by increasing the flow of blood into the brain. The coffee also have been shown to increase flow of blood into the brain in old and young. Increased flow of blood to the brain can help short-term memory and prevent the mental decline in seniors.

Organic coffee protects your brain against free radical damage

Our brains uses lot of oxygen almost 20 percent of the body’s total intake. This actually makes it to be a highly susceptible to a free radical damage. The free radicals are normally unattached oxygen molecules which attack the cells in same way that oxygen attacks the metal, making it to rust.

Organic coffee improves learning, focus and memory

The flavonoids of coffee penetrate and accumulate in brain regions that are involved in learning and memory, more especially the hippocampus. The flavonoids in the coffee improve standardized scores of cognitive test. Coffee also contain caffeine, the brain booster which in low doses improves the memory, mood, and concentration.

Organic coffee can help relieve stress

Magnesium is a good mineral because it makes the person relax. This mineral reduces stress by simply suppressing release of stress hormone cortisol. This essential mineral is largely missing from most diets but organic coffee contains the substantial amount of it. Getting a lot of magnesium from organic coffee can improve focus, sleep, memory, and resilience to stress.

Consumption of organic coffee can protect your brain for a lifetime

There have been a lot of exciting findings surrounding organic coffee use in treating the brain related medical conditions such as dementia and strokes. In fact, the more organic coffee seniors drink, the less likely they will develop dementia.

Organic coffee decreases insulin resistance

This is significant because many professionals believe Alzheimer which is the disease of insulin resistance which is also a form of diabetes of the brain. The moment the brain cells become insulin resistant, normally they are unable to get a glucose they want, and subsequently die. Consumption of flavonoid rich foods such as coffee, hold some potential to prevent, limit, or reverse age related deterioration of the brain functions.


Organic coffee is one of the primary source of antioxidants in many people. Organic coffee contribute a lot into our daily nutrition. It is advisable not to freeze coffee ever. this dries it out. Make sure you keep it fresh on hand for the really good drink. There are several sources of organic coffee in all metropolitan cities. This organic coffee will generally improve the short term memory, stimulate nerve impulses, and facilitates blood flow.

Organic coffee can also make your brain more alert, protect the body from type 2 diabetes, cardiac disease, gall stones, liver disease, liver ciihosis, and Parkinson’s. The coffee can also enhance cognitive performance, improve long term physical endurance, benefit the liver and colon and helps to prevent from cancer. Organic coffee also gives antioxidants which helps in slow inflammation in your brain.


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