How To Roast Coffee Beans At Home?

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How to roast coffee beans at home

Coffe is of the ancient drink that has been drink for many years. This is one of the most popular beverage in the world. Choosing coffee sometimes it is one of the most complicated thing. This is because there are different types of coffee bean where you can choose from. They fall into two categories, the arabica and robusta. Mostly people are interested on the bean inside. The bean is the one that is ground, roasted and then brewed to give a delicious drink. We also have two varieties of coffee bean, that is red and green. The red bean has a nice smell and it is known to less acidic. They are used to produce coffees.

After these beans are picked, they are soaked in order to remove the fruit. These beans are them washed to remove any of the flesh that was left over. These beans are then dried out until they retain about 12 percent of their water. They are then soated depending on the color and size. Beans are then roasted and ground within few days using burr grinders or blade grinders that actually chop the beans up. After being ground, they are then brewed to give a delicious and taste cup of coffe. It is important to roast your coffee at home because this will the home roasted coffee is freshly roasted and tastes better. It is also rich in minerals and give a smooth taste.

How To Roast Coffee Beans At Home?

Coffee beans can be roasted at home using either an oven, skillet, popcorn popper or even fancy coffee roasting appliance. Any method you will use will definitely help you roast your coffee bean and drink a better coffee. this process is simple. You will only use the heat to turn the green unroasted coffee brown.

Opening stage

At this stage when the internal bean temperature is below 2000c, beans will be dry without oil droplets. This coffee beans will be light brown with hay like humid smell. They are also non palatable and generally uncooked. They will also have sour taste. It’s sweetness is also low with medium aroma. At this point, coffee beans will turn light brown into cinnamon in color. The user can stop the roast while the beans are still dry with no oil drops. Before the completion of the first crack, the user will begin to smell some toasted smell. At this point, the coffee have low acidity and body levels. Beans will be dry at internal temperatures that ranges between 200 0c to 220 0c and the user will start hearing some cracks as the aroma changes into caramel and coffee beans will start emiting smoke.

City roast

Characterized by the rich medium brown color, acidity of coffee beans starts to rise and body becomes stronger. The temperature of the internal bean ranges between 210 0c to 230 0c as it finishes the first crack. At this point, ensure that half of sugar content is caramelized and the acidity of beans is developed and features of the beans can be tasted. Coffee beans have mild sweetness taste, full body and strong aroma. When brewed at this point, this coffee is rich in taste and has low acid content.

Full city

Beans are normally defined by the rich brown color and shows tiny oil droplets. When it is at this stage of roasting, your beans have good balance of the body sweetness and acidity between 2210c and 235 0c. At this stage, second crack starts and all features of the bean are present as the levels of the acidity decrease. At this stage you will have strong aroma, sweetness and full body.


Coffee beans are one of the products used by many people. People drink coffee during their free time, in the morning or any they they are with visitors. In order to get a taste and flavorful cup of coffee, it is advisable to start by roasting your coffee beans well. Roasting beans is a process that you can do on your own at home. It does not require much but few processes as highlighted above. The user should follow the above processes and in few minutes you will have your cup of coffee.

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