Keurig Coffee Maker Troubleshooting

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Keurig coffee maker troubleshooting

It is another great moment you can take your time and enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee using Keurig coffee maker. This innovative brewing machine enables the user brew fresh coffee, cocoa or tea for every cup using the patented K-cup mini brewers. These systems come in the market pre-filled with a great number of coffee varieties and beverage options. Some of these beverages options include iced beverages that enables the user enjoy whatever he wants to crave each time. There is a range of keurig machines in the market where one can choose from.

Apart from the keurig’s classic single serve brands, the user can also find machines that enable you brew several cups at the same time and with settings of strength control for a stronger brew. There is also espresso brewer that prepares authentic frothed espresso beverage such as cappuccinos and lattes within few minutes. Sometimes you may work up and find your machine has some problems which you are not aware. The following are some of the problems you may experience with your machine and how you can troubleshoot your machine.

Keurig Coffee Maker Troubleshooting

When keurig is not brewing coffee

Your keurig coffee making machine may refuse to brew maybe because of one thing or some few reasons. Some of them include the following

Too much debris and scale build up in line

The first thing to do is to run your machine few times without using the K-cup. And if you think that there is calcium scaling in your machine, then mix some vinegar in water and soak in your machine for about 45 minutes. You can then flush out vinegar water. Cleanse the machine using fresh water to remove calcium scaling. After this, you can then give it a shot to see if it is working.

Air bubbles

Ensure that the water reservoir is filled to the brim and then switch off the machine and unplug your machine to give it few gentle shakes. This will help to ensure that no trapped air in the system which can interfere with brewing process.

Machine pieces are not properly seated

In few seconds confirm if all the components are at the correct place as required and seated properly.

Not enough warm up time

Do you give your machine enough warm up time before starting the brewing process? If there is no enough warm up time for your machine, it will not get hot enough for a perfect brew.

Keurig does not turn on

You can unplug and plug the machine back and repeat to be sure. If it does not work, then try another power outlet and if it does not, then you can contact the customer care.

Keurig brews little amount of coffee

Sometimes clogging of the water line of the machine causes significant reduction of the coffee the user will get out of the brewing cycle. If the machine is not brewing the correct amount it is supposed to brew, then chances are that coffee grounds and debris have clogged water line. The solution here is to operate a brewing cycle few times using water without k-cup. Then clean the needle to remove extensive debris and grounds.

Coffee tasting odd

If you have not changed the brand of your coffee, then the taste should not be odd. The differences in taste may be a result of buildup of scaling inside the machine. Maybe this may be the issues with maintenance. Get descaling products such as vinegar and water and then clean the machine


The above are some of the problems that occur in the machine. Some of these problems are relevant for models of keurig. Others can be solved there and then while other problems can be presented to keurig customer care. These machines are good and can brew a great cup of coff. Hope we have given enough knowledge that will help the user to salvage a situation when he decides to flaunt the maker before many guests.

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