Top 5 Best Super-Automatic Espresso Machine Of 2022

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best super-automatic espresso machine

Super-automatic espresso machine as the name implies can just do everything you will wish to be done for you if you love coffee. The popularity of these machines has grown because they have been known in removing up the human error factor, convenience, simplicity, and allow fast brew with consistent and good results. At the push of the button, super-automatic espresso machine will first grind the whole roasted espresso beans. The machine measures exact dose of ground coffee depending on the personal taste and preference of the user to be utilized in the brewing process. In the market you will find many brands of the best super-automatic espresso machine where you can choose the one that meets your needs.

The taste of coffee from these machines is actually similar; the only difference is in their functioning and programming options. A good number of them are good at automatic milk frothing while others do well at standard steam wand. Also some of them have a one-touch profile for the pre-set espresso coffee drink, while others require the user to manually enter in the drink selection. all super-automatic espresso machines grinds your whole bean which is put into the machine and then deposit all the grounds into a brew group. In the brew group, they will be tamped and brewed to create consistent coffee and espresso drinks which have high quality and good taste like the lattes and cappuccinos.

Best Super-Automatic Espresso Machine Of 2022

Espresso Machines DimensionsWeight Pump Reservoir CapacityEditor’s Rating
Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine10 x 15.5 x 11.5 inches19 pounds15 Bar40 oz3.7/5
Jura 13626 Ena Micro 19.1 x 17.5 x 12.7 inches19.4 pounds15 Bar37 oz4.2/5
Jura ENA Micro 917.5 x 9 x 12.7 inches21 pounds15 bar-3.7/5
DeLonghi ECAM22110SB17 x 9.4 x 13.8 inches19.84 pounds-60 oz3.7/5
Saeco Xelsis SM7684/0423.4 x 14.5 x 20.5 inches25.8 pounds15 bar-4.4/5

1 – Gaggia Brera Super-automatic Espresso Machine

Gaggia Brera Super-automatic Espresso MachineOn top of the list today is the Gaggia Brera Super-automatic espresso machine. This machine remains on top because of its compact design that is more spacious and efficient compared to other machines in this class. Apart from the compact design, the machine has got superior technology which makes it challenge other heavyweight in the industry. It is capable of making two rich espresso shots at once, through the dual-headed brew group.

This is the machine that will guarantee you convenience with a whole grinding, extraction and even dosing process fully automated into one machine. You can easily access all the daily used components such as grounds disposal, drip tray, water tank, and coffee bean container on the front of the machine. This actually makes it easy when cleaning and maintaining the machine.

The push button controls and large display gives intuitive user friendly interface of the machine. There is also dedicated icons used when brewing, grinding, and steaming functions that have been color coded. The Gaggia Brera utilizes completely the automated process which learns users desired drink volume, temperature and strength. The machine is also good in making a complete frothed cappuccino.


  • This is one of the lowest priced super-automatic espresso machines in the market.
  • Minimal footprint. Because of its compact shape, the machine does not take a lot of space on the counter.
  • Automatically descales.
  • Both the water reservoir and drop container are accessible on the front part.
  • It has five different adjustments to select from how fine you need your coffee grinds.


  • It has a minimal capacity.
  • Since most of it is plastic, many individuals have complains that plastic parts fail easily.
  • Tall cups will not fit.
  • It does not like oily beans.

2 – Jura 13626 Ena Micro 1 Automatic Coffee Machine – I Highly Recommended

Jura 13626 Ena Micro 1 Automatic Coffee MachineThe Jura 13626 Ena Micro 1 has got great features that allow you to make impressive cup of coffee. The machine is highly customizable with variety of functions which lets the user set parameters by which the coffee shall be brewed. The user can program aroma levels, strength of water, and volume of water. Furthermore you can monitor the drip tray and bean level to let you know the exact state of the machine.

Jura 13626 Ena Micro 1 gives a high quality cup of coffee because of its aroma preservation systems where beans are kept fresh. The harmony and effectiveness in how the systems interlink is actually what makes this machine impressive. You will also have no any problem in fitting the machine because of its small size. There is also clean black finish that adds some style to the kitchen. The touch panel has illuminated icons for every cup size.

Jura 13626 Ena Micro 1 Automatic Coffee Machine switches into energy saving mode after 5 minutes and turns off after 2 hours. Apart from its compatibility, the major lifting is actually done by the machine, and the only thing left for you is to fill water, beans and choose the size of the cup and coffee strength.


  • Brews very delicious coffee drink that is smooth, hot and delicious with a touch of few buttons. It actually takes less than one minute to heat the unit and another to brew.
  • It has a compact stylish and it is well built.
  • There are options to customize water volume and amount of coffee.
  • The machine has integrated cleaning programs which takes guess work for you.
  • User-friendly display/icons messages for cleaning and brewing.
  • Eco-friendly


  • Not cheap
  • No hot water dispenser nor cappuccino frother
  • The sensor may sometimes display incorrect messages.

3 – Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch Automatic Coffee Machines

Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch Automatic Coffee MachinesJura Ena Micro 9 one touch automatic coffee machine is one of the greatest super-automatic espresso machines on the market today. The machine is equipped with great features that help the user to automate preparing espresso based drinks. This machine programs up to four buttons cappuccino, latte, Americano, and espresso. With its compact size, the machine packs big punch with adjustable levels of coffee strengths to facilitate quality and good taste.

The displays of this machine have three colors that make the operation simple to understand. All this features allows impressive customization of shot and milk based beverages. The user can actually adjust almost everything during brewing process. You can disassemble the machine for cleaning and having a separate pipe for milk and coffee.

The fine form technology of Jura Ena Micro 9 ensures the milk form which is very fine and light. In general, there is a one touch button for different coffee specialties including latte macchiato, coffee, cappuccino, and espresso which ensures quality espresso in affordable price.


  • Small footprint
  • The aroma boost system allows the user to easily adjust the cup
  • There are a lot of programmable settings that tweak the beverage into perfection.
  • It can brew anything from Americano and espresso to crema and any milk based coffee drinks.
  • Very easy to program and use.


  • Small water reservoir
  • Only one type froth

4 – Delonghi ECAM22110SB Super Automatic Espresso Delonghi ECAM22110SB super automatic espresso machine has got the ticket because of its compact nature shape which counters space without interfering with the quality of the coffee. Your guests and you can enjoy delicious lattes and cappuccinos anytime. The machine comes with 9 oz capacity beans hopper with the selector for seven different levels of low noise grinding to cater for the preferences of the user.

On the right side of the machine, you will find large removable water reservoir which you can fill in. the machine is very fast and can make you delicious espresso within 40 seconds, the double espresso within 50 seconds, long coffee for one minute and two long coffee for one minute 45 seconds. With this machine, you can actually make up to 15 coffees before clearing the ground bin.


  • It has a compact size but maintains all features of the full size automatic machine.
  • Removable 60 ounce water tank
  • No waiting between preparing frothing milk and espresso with a rapid cappuccino system.
  • Professional quality
  • It has a height adjustable coffee spouts that accommodate various sizes of cups.


  • Not cost effective

5 – Saeco Xelsis SM7684/04 Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Saeco Xelsis SM7684/04 Super Automatic Espresso MachineHaving Saeco Xelsis SM7684/04 Super Automatic Espresso Machine, you can have an experience of making a cup of professionals and great ability of customizing multiple drinks and a perfect hygiene. The machine has a steam cleaning cycle that automatically cleans, removing any milk residue without the need of empting the carafe. Features such as robust ceramic grinders creates ideal grind that allows water to flow steadily extracting the purest essence of beans. Also the ceramic material prevents your coffee from overheating.

Ease of use and efficiency are main key inspirations which can make you buy this machine. This machine is simple to clean and never fails to satisfy when it comes to fineness of the grind. To unfold a full flavor, all coffee blends are adjusted into different levels of granularity. The moment you choose the ideal strength from five different settings, you can save it easily with a memo function and desired temperature and length.

The two stainless steel boilers of the machine guarantee performance that is efficient and proper water temperature for frothing and brewing. The fine tune beverage also flow a desired speed letting you adjust crema and drink the structure of coffee you desire.


  • It has adjustable coffee strength, temperature, and volume that help you have control over the elements of the drink.
  • Self-cleaning system and latte perfetto technology for effective functioning
  • Simple maintenance
  • One touch
  • Steam wand to steam your milk


  • It has no oily beans

Benefits Of Using Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Super-automatic espresso machines are very fast compared to other machines. They are very fast than the drip coffee, French press, faster than instant making, and even more fast than traditional espresso machines. For individuals who want to get out of their house or apartment in a hurry, then not much can beat the super-automatic espresso machines.

Convenience is one factor that has made these machines to remain on top. They do no mess, no grinding, no coffee grounds on the counter, and no dumping of a portafilter puck. There is also no preparation time to speak of the machine.

These machines also give consistent results which is a great taste and quality. The super-automatic espresso machines make a consistent espresso all the time. No worry of getting a different taste from the usual one.

Flexibility is also another benefit you can get from super-automatic espresso machines. Most of these machines come with more than one type of the system for frothing milk. Therefore the machine can make long espresso which is stronger than the French press or drip coffee.

The machine can be operated by any person because of its simplicity when using it. Your neighbors, guests in your dinner party, or even friends can all operate the machine without you helping them or hovering nearby and worrying.


In conclusion, automatic espresso machines are the latest coffee making machines in the market. They are the most convenience machines amongst the best super-automatic espresso machine on the market. These machines are effective and efficient because of their compact size and they are easy to program and use. Super-automatic machines are one touch and have options of customizing water volume and amount of coffee you desire to drink. They have integrated cleaning programs and are eco-friendly. So if you don’t have one, it is high time to plan and buy one.


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