Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Of 2022 Under $50, $100, $200 – Reviews & Top Rated

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Single serve makers are products that can serve fresh mug of coffee for you at any time of the day. This is one of those machines that can guarantee you consistency and valued convenience. In recent years, they have gained a lot of popularity and they are mostly used at homes or in office. They make use of coffee pods to make a fresh and delicious cup of coffee. These devices were intended for individuals who enjoy a comfort of preparing servings of coffee. Since there are a lot of brands of single serve makers in the market, it is therefore nice to take your time and choose the best single serve coffee maker on the market.

Nowadays having a great cup of coffee is part of individual’s attempts to keep him relaxed and having a great life experience. It is necessary for people to make this a goal of their life. The single serve coffee will definitely help you achieve this goal. As mentioned earlier, this is a popular product that can certainly fit into the lifestyle of any person who loves coffee. The single serve makers can be found in any stores locally and are of many models. Apart from having good price, these products have good quality as indicated and their functionality is easier. The following are some of the best single serve coffee maker on the market today.

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews 2022

ImagesWater TankWattsMaterialDimensionsWeightEditor’s Rating
Hamilton Beach 49981A--Stainless Steel<8.3 x 6.7 x 8.7"5.25 lbs4.3/5
CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker12 Oz800W-7.5 x 4.3 x 9.8"2.31 lbs4.0/5
Mixpresso - Single Serve K-Cup45 Oz1420WMetal13.5 x 6.5 x 11"7.2 lbs4.3/5
Sboly Single Serve K Cup14 Oz1000WStainless Steel, Plastic7.3 x 5.4 x 11.6"2.53 lbs4.4/5
Mr. Coffee BVMC SC100 2---7.4 x 11.8 x 14.5"4.85 lbs4.0/5
Hamilton Beach 4998A-950WPlastic10.6 x 12.2 x 13.7"10 lbs4.3/5
Cuisinart SS-10P172 Oz-Plastic11 x 9.3 x 12.1"9.7 lbs4.1/5
Keurig K7572 Oz-Plastic14.9 x 16.8 x 12.2"12 lbs4.4/5
Keurig K60/K6560 Oz-Plastic14.9 x 14.2 x 12.2"13.3 lbs4.3/5
Keurig B7060 Oz1500WPlastic13.5 x 13 x 10"19 lbs4.4/5

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Under $50

1 – Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Coffee MakerHamilton Beach 49981A is a fantastic coffee maker that makes fantastic cup of coffee in a short period. It brews one cup after another. This machine actually offers an inexpensive alternative to products or models that use pre-packaged K-Cups, allowing you enjoy the favorite coffee brands without worrying how they are packaged. The Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve is superbly easy to understand and it contains the compact footprint which makes it ideal for small space rooms. This model can be used to make other beverages apart from the hot coffee which many people like. The machine will definitely deliver you the convenience which comes with versatility. This fuss-free product has the slim profile and sleek, attractive appearance that makes it ideal addition to any home or office.


  • No special filters or pods required
  • Can brew up to 14-ounces within 90 seconds
  • Has two medal scoops for a precise measuring that ensures a perfect cup of coffee
  • You can easily make other beverages with this device
  • It allows you make fresh iced coffee at your own time
  • The wide drip tray on the base of the machine adds to ease up the cleanup, ensuring the countertop is ok and allowing you dump any spills right away.
  • Adjustable stand of the machine can accommodate taller cups
  • Convenient and easy to use


  • Makes noise when brewing

2 – CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer

CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker BrewerThis is the most reliable machine with innovative twist on a single serve concept. CHULUX brews great-tasting coffee and dispenses hot water. It is ideal for any person who loves to serve variety of hot drinks. The model comes with 4 interchangeable drawers which allow the user to make coffee or any other beverages with little hassle. The performance of the maker is excellent. It makes coffee that is steaming hot within one minute. It has interchangeable trays which are really cool innovation and neat, nice drawers for different beverages. It takes small space because of its compact design, water reservoir which has a capacity of holding the maximum amount of fourteen ounces of fourteen and has a couple of trade off.


  • Durable with compact size
  • Has separate drawers from K-Cups to pods
  • A pulse brew function for extra flavor
  • Heats water fast and produces better.


  • Needs some extra storage for drawers

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Under $100

1 – Mixpresso – Single Serve K-Cup Coffee Maker – I Highly recommended

Mixpresso - Single Serve K-Cup Coffee MakerYou can enjoy steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee with this machine that has a unique Keurig brewed technology that allows you brew your delicious and favorite beverage. This machine brews one cup every time. The only thing you are needed to do with this machine so that you can have your cup of coffee is to fill the removable 45-ounce reservoir with water. Then you will insert your desired K-Cup pack, and then select the size of cup. With this machine, you can select from the six, eight or ten ounces and in less than a minute, you will be having your mug of coffee. A removable drip tray forms additional space for more mugs more so for those individuals who like travel.


  • Auto shut off function is available
  • Good and sold design for the price
  • Makes delicious hot coffee
  • Ease to clean and use


  • Not durable

2 – Sboly Single Serve K Cup Coffee Maker Brewer for K-Cup Pod

Single Serve K Cup Coffee Maker Brewer for K-Cup PodSboly Single Serve K Cup Coffee Maker Brewer provides a genuine keurig brewed technology that helps to brew single K-Cup packs. With the machine, you will get style, convenience, technology, and value. Simply you add some fresh water in the reservoir, then insert the desired K-Cup pack and press brew button. With this simple mechanism, you will have your fresh, hot and taste cup of coffee. The removable drip tray has capability of accommodating larger mugs and travel cups. With its excellent features, this model is easy to understand and clean, quick to brew, and it is compatible.


  • Easy to use
  • Quick brew
  • Easy to clean
  • Re-usable filter and compatible


  • Water reservoir only 14oz
  • Coffee is not hot enough
  • It is durable
  • Travel mugs do not fit under brew head

3 – Mr. Coffee BVMC SC100 2 Single Serve Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee BVMC SC100 is a slightly less expensive coffee maker compared to other brands. The controls of this machine are basic and this product comes out with an excellent and drinkable temperature. It comes with a little five cup sampler pack of the K-Cups. Because of its compact design, the machine does not take a lot of space in your kitchen. Its ideal design also makes your kitchen look great and nice. It is designed with brewed technology and automatic shut off option. Since this machine is automatic, the user therefore does not do a lot when making coffee. The only thing he does is to pour water and the rest the machine can do.


  • Compatible with K-Cup packs
  • Includes 5 K-cups
  • Designed with brewed technology
  • Removable drip tray is capable of accommodating larger cups
  • Automatic shut-off function is available


  • A bit noise

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Under $200

1 – Hamilton Beach 4998A Single Serve Coffee 2 Way Brewer

Hamilton Beach 49980Z Single Serve Coffee 2 Way BrewerHamilton Beach 4998A is also another brand on the market that does not require coffee pods or K-Cups. They actually feature in mesh scoop filter instead of the coffee pods. With this model, you can brew your favorite coffee flavor, including caramel, vanilla, and hazelnut. For good functionality and design, you can choose between the regular or bold brewing options. It is designed for simple preparations, which are scoop, place and brew. Made from plastic, Hamilton beach is durable, compatible, and inexpensive. The settings are easy to understand including adjustable options that can accommodate tall mugs. Remember also they do not have filter paper.


  • Can make hot delicious coffee
  • Lowest priced machine compared to many of the brands of the same category
  • Has a great design, compact size, stainless steel, and durable
  • Regular and bold settings
  • Easy to clean and there is no need of paper filter


  • Requires a lot of experiments before getting the correct brew
  • More cleanups required to ensure the machine functions well.

2 – Cuisinart SS-10P1 Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker

Cuisinart SS-10P1 Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker CoffemakerWith Cuisinart SS-10P1 Premium Single-Serve, you can enjoy a cup of gourmet coffee, hot cocoa, tea, and many other beverages less than one minute. This is a single serve home brewing machine that includes hot water, brew, and rinse functions. The 72-ounce removable water reservoir of the product removes the need for consistent refills. This machine is fully programmable with a blue backlit LCD, digital clock, adjustable temperature and auto on/off function. The 5 cup size machine also includes iced beverages functions and removable drip tray for those mugs that are tall. Other features include K-Cup reusable coffee filter, 12K –Cup portion pack, charcoal water filter and instruction book. The machine has the technology that enables it brew the coffee quietly without making any noise.


  • Charcoal water filter
  • Fresh brew for every cup
  • Innovative one-touch technology
  • A single serve brewing system
  • Removable drip tray
  • Backlit LCD display with a digital clock


  • Requires some experiments before you brew
  • Bit expensive than other brands

3 – Keurig K75 Single-Cup Home-Brewing System with Water Filter Kit

Keurig K75 Single-Cup Home-Brewing System with Water Filter Kit Keurig K75 is a top notch selection for coffee lovers. It includes 60 K Cups, water filter, re-usable K Cup filter, and it is fully programmable. It is known for its immense flavor through the help of the K-Cups and its advanced technology. This product is greatly known for its quality and fantastic features such as the hard plastic that has stainless steel parts. It has a simple design that you can like and it is also easy to understand how it functions. The initials set up of the product will definitely guide you if you are the first brew. it has five brew function that allow you choose between the four, six, eight, ten, and twelve ounce options. It also has a reservoir that has enough water of brewing the coffee up to 10 cups without refilling it. Maintaining and cleaning these machines is sometimes expensive but they guarantee you some good results.


  • Has water filter
  • Simple setup
  • Variety of available cup sizes
  • Includes 60 K Cups
  • Reusable K Cup filter is also available
  • The machine is fully programmable.


  • Expensive water filter

4 – Keurig K60/K65 Special Edition & Signature Brewers

Keurig K60/K65 Special Edition & Signature Brewers, Single-Cup Brewing SystemKeurig K60/K65 is the mid-luxury home brewing machine which is easy to clean and use. It is equipped with several features including the one touch control panel that also has an LCD display. The temperature control digital clock is also inclusive. Since the model is programmable, you can set it and leave it to brew at the convenient time. The removable drip tray is there to ensure that your cup of coffee is hot at any time you may need it. The 60 oz removable reservoir and the descale indicator light lets you know the exact time the machine should be cleaned. Its parts are dishwasher safe and maintaining it is not hard.


  • The convenience of the machine makes it a great choice for individuals who do not have time to make the full mug of brew.
  • Can be used to brew different beverages
  • Stylish and modern design with excellent features.
  • The programmable features of the maker makes it intelligent


  • It requires you to clean the model regularly for better results
  • Water reservoir has to be filled even if there is still some few inches of water left

5 – Keurig B70 Platinum Brewing System Keurig B70 Platinum Brewing System maker can brew the coffee under one minute with the desired choice of 5-cup sizes. This model is a 60-ounce water reservoir with a quiet brew technology, Auto on/off function, digital clock, and adjustable temperature controls to make your coffee taste good. These coffee makers have K-cups that help you make single making of the preferred coffee beverages. This unique model offers discerning coffee takers wide varieties of options and benefits. The sleek and nice looking design of the product is mostly the unique foot print among the many brands of single serve makers. With blue lit LCD display and blue lit water, keurig platinum takes the day.


  • Quiet-brew technology
  • Capable of brewing under one minute
  • 60-oz water reservoir
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Digital clock for easy timing
  • The K-Cup system has auto on/off function
  • Choice of five cup sizes
  • Best for those individuals who live alone but it is also good for families.


  • Sometimes a bit expensive
  • Makes some noise when brewing


Single serve makers have gained popularity every single day and now we have countless models on the market. All these models have different features that make every model unique from another model. Buying the right maker for you may seem a bit difficult, but with proper research and asking right questions, you can get the best single serve coffee maker on the market today. The moment you find the model that suits your needs; you will be on your way to more convenience and speed when preparing your coffee. Lastly, it is important to remember that the performance and technology of the single serve maker is improving. So it is good to be on alert what new has been to the market and what has been added to the brand.


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