How To Use a Stovetop Espresso Maker?

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How to use a stovetop espresso maker

Stove espresso maker is a machine used to make coffee tastes delicious and taste that every person would love to have one or two cups in a day. Actually enjoying a cup of espresso can help in preventing oxidation which is the process that can damage the cells of the body and speed up the aging process. The regular intake of espresso made from the stovetop coffee maker is well known to reduce risks of developing a Parkinson’s disease. Since stovetop espresso maker makes a great cup of espresso, it definitely encourages many people drink more coffee hence avoiding many diseases. The user can enjoy flavor of espresso made from the stovetop espresso maker without any guilt.

How To Use a Stovetop Espresso Maker?

Unscrew the three sections of the espresso machine

Start by unscrewing all the three sections of the espresso machine with the use of recommended tools. Ensure you have the base, upper kettle and funnel with the small holes in it.

Fill the bottom section with water

After unscrewing all the three sections, fill up the lower chamber with water up to bottom of brass vent. For the espresso, you can fill half the chamber and for an Americano style black coffee, you can fill water up to the level of safety valve.

Fill filter funnel with the ground coffee

Fill your funnel with coffee using fill and scrape process. Ensure that you fill the middle part with the medium fine ground coffee that is suitable for the espresso pot. Use freshly ground if possible. Gently put funnel in place on the top of the base. Make sure that the coffee is on level with the top of a filter. You will then slightly pat the coffee down but ensure that you do not firmly tamp.

Screw and reassemble the pot

Ensure that you don’t have coffee grounds at edges of either water section or the funnel section. Return back the funnel into the place in the pot and then screw the upper section securely.

Place the pot on the stove and heat it gently

Put the pot on the stove at a medium high temperature. Water on the pot should boil while forcing its way up vie the grounds and then pour out vent in a upper kettle. Be careful by ensuring that steam valve points away from you and the handle is subjected away from the heat source. From time to time, lift the lid carefully to see the progression of espresso. At this point, a wonderful smell can be felt within the room. When there is no more coffee from the vent, you can then turn off the heat and pour espresso out carefully into your small cup. Your coffee will be ready and you can clean your stove for another use.


Stove espresso making machines are most alternative products for making espresso. This is a timeless brewing machine that can brew you an excellent coffee with plenty of texture flavor and viscosity. This pot is simple to use and can make delicious coffee within few minutes. Coffee lovers have liked the product and prefer this machine. This machine performs well and it is cost effective.

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