How to Set Up Coffee Grinder? The Ultimate Guide is Here

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How to Set Up Coffee Grinder

Get your coffee grinder working with easy steps!

If you are a coffee lover, there is nothing like grinding fresh beans on your own. Homemade coffee ensures your satisfaction, as products available on the market seem unable to maintain the original aroma and flavor. To produce perfect coffee, you should have a decent coffee grinder as a close companion. But first, you need to grasp the basics as to how to set up coffee grinder.

How To Set Up Coffee Grinder With 6 Simple Steps

Step 1: Gather your tools

First and foremost, make sure you have the necessary equipment with you. Needless to say, coffee beans and a coffee grinder are musts during the process. Important apparatus, namely kitchen scales, and a ground coffee sifter, is the minimal requirement. To ensure the quality of the final brew, make sure the latter has mesh sieves made from stainless steel.

Grinding coffee would be much harder without such equipment

Grinding coffee would be much harder without such equipment

Step 2: Weigh and grind

Weigh your coffee beans (10 grams should be perfect) before setting the coarseness or fineness level of your grinder. Each level uses a different method for brewing, and therefore affects the quality of the grounds, so you should choose the appropriate option. Put all the grounds on the top of the sifter, and you have completed this step.

This step may determine the final result, so take care!

This step may determine the final result, so take care!

Step 3: Sift the coffee particles

Change the lid within which the coffee grounds are placed. After that, shake it back and forth for about one minute in a direction that is parallel to the ground. Knocking the sides of the container periodically also does you good because this prevents the particles from clinging to its interior walls.

Step 4: Examine the product

Put the sifter on a flat surface, separate its compartments, and put away the lid. You should see that the coffee grounds have been categorized: coarse and fine particles will respectively be at the top and bottom section, while grounds of average size will be in the middle. If you choose a proper setting, the grinder will produce most average-sized grounds as well as a small quantity of coarse and fine particles.

Step 5: Adjust and redo the process.

You risk receiving a disappointing result on your first attempt, but that is far from being hopeless. At this point, switch to a finer setting and repeat every single step. Eventually, your efforts will bear fruit through a process of trial and error, and you will be able to enjoy fine-tasting homemade coffee.

Mistakes are inevitable to beginners, so take it easy!

Mistakes are inevitable to beginners, so take it easy!


We have provided you with the answer to your question “How to set up coffee grinder”, and hope that you derive useful tips along the way. If you are a coffee fanatic, you should have your own coffee grinder, which produces coffee of top quality. Mistakes are unavoidable, and they also help you gain valuable insight into the grinding work. Again, we wish you the best experience out of your homemade coffee!

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