How To Store Coffee Beans?

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How to store coffee beans

Most people never think that something that makes up part of their daily life is far more delicate compared to what they actually realize. Coffee beans are some of the valuable items we should keep in a proper place and in a right way to ensure that they are fresh all the time. Keeping your coffee bean fresh needs little consideration on how you can store it properly. This is because, like other foods, coffee beans can also deteriorate in quality depending on where they are stored. Extreme temperature, oxygen, light and moisture can all contribute into the degradation of the bean’s aroma and flavor.

Therefore knowing on how to store your beans will completely help the owner protect beans for home use and storage. Coffee like the baking soda may also soak up some odors from the neighboring items and present the odors into the brewed cup of coffee. Hence storing the beans well will help you to keep the coffee tasting and smelling fresh. Since the greatest enemies of the bean are moisture, light, air and heat, then ensure that you keep away from all those when you are storing your beans. The following are some of the best ways you can apply to store your beans properly.

How To Store Coffee Beans?

Choose opaque container for storing the coffee

The primary culprit of coffee is light. Light causes coffee beans to go stale very quickly. This problem can be solved by ensuring that you store your beans in an opaque container instead of using plastic or clear glass vessels. But if you insist and decide to store your beans in the transparent container, it is then important to keep the container away from light. This is because exposure to the atmospheric light and oxygen degrades the flavor of coffee. So it is necessary to find opaque canister that is airtight rubber and store your beans.

Store coffee in an airtight container

Oxygen is also another enemy of fresh tasting coffee. Exposing your coffee beans to air makes your coffee go stale quickly. Sacrifice yourself and invest in the hermetically sealed container to store your beans there. Use this container with very heavy lid. These airtight containers are sometimes ideal for preventing coffee from absorbing any neighboring odors. It also discourages the growth of mold and insect.

Keep the beans on dry environment

An individual may not have a great degree of controlling moisture level in the kitchen cabinets but know that coffee will stay best in the dry environment. Avoid storing the beans in the damp basement and store them in a dry place. This is because moisture can easily sap coffee flavor and aroma from the beans. So a dry place is the best. Usually at your kitchen cabinets or countertops or any dry place around.

Avoid storing coffee beans in extreme temperatures

Like other bulk food products, coffee will never do well in extreme temperature whether cold or hot. So it is important for you to avoid storing your coffee in those rooms that are not heated during winter or those rooms that are not cooled in summer. Keep your beans away from extreme temperatures.


Coffee beans are important product that needs to be stored in a proper way and place. It is important to store your coffee on those containers that are opaque and airtight. Also you can store your beans on dry environment and avoid those environments with extreme temperatures. Never store your coffee in the freezer or refrigerator. This is because moistures in these places quickly ruin coffee beans and the coffee will absorb odors from the neighboring foods.

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