How To Brew Coffee In a Coffee Maker?

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How to brew coffee in a coffee maker

A coffee maker is a staple appliance in many homes all over the world. This machine is great during morning hours, after taking a tasty meal and as the warm treat during cold days. For a great brewing there are many factors which are very important in the production of coffee whether pour over coffee, coffee made in the press or drip coffee. Most of these machines have perfect design, features and size that meet the desires of the user. In addition to what the coffee maker can do, it brews a perfect coffee in few minutes with great efficient and consistent. With this machine, then you have your delicious cup of coffee. The following is a process of how to make coffee using the coffee maker.

How To Brew Coffee In a Coffee Maker?

Buy fresh beans

Getting a bad come automatically results from bad process or bad bean. To get maximum freshness, then it is important to look for beans which have been roasted within last two weeks and prepare them

Store beans properly

Store your beans properly to maintain the tasty and flavor. Avoid storing your bean where there is light, air, heat and moisture. Store these beans somewhere cool where there is no access of sunlight. Never store your beans on freezer or fridge.

Measure and grind the beans

Grind size will definitely depend on type of coffee making devices you are using. You can either fine grind for espresso, medium fine for the pour over coffee, medium grind for drip coffee and course grind for French press

Add coffee filter in a filter basket

While bleached or natural filters can be used, it is suggested that the user should use non-generic filters. Use the specialized filters of the coffee maker instead of using the paper one.

Measure out the coffee

The more coffee the user wishes to make, the more coffee he or she will be required to put in a filter. Depending on the machine of the user and the type of the coffee he is making, ratios of water and coffee will definitely vary. It is recommended that you check on the coffee manual whenever you want to make coffee ratios. The standard ratio is actually two tablespoons for 6 ounces of water the user plans to use.

Measure the water to brew

The user can use measuring lines on the coffee maker to measure the amount of water. Then you will use coffee pot in pouring water to the coffee maker. Never pour water directly to the filter basket. Pour the water to the compartment intended until brewing process.
Plug in your coffee maker and press the button to start the process
Most of the coffee makers start brewing immediately while others have manual time setting.

Heat the water and saturate the grounds

Ideal temperature for brewing a perfect cup of coffee lays between a95 and 205 F. heat the water. Put grounds to the carafe and slowly at the right temperature pour in a third cup of water. Allow this water to sit for half a minute to one minute. The main reason of doing this is to allow the coffee bloom. You can then wait until coffee is completely brewed before you pour. You can then allow your coffee to brew before you do anything else like serving.


Coffee makers are small appliances that are used to make coffee. Coffee makers come in different models and sizes. They contain water reservoirs that help in keeping water and many other features that makes them outstanding. These machines works efficiently to enable you prepare a cup of tea at any time. Not only they are efficient, these machines can also perform consistently without tearing out. They are durable and come in affordable prices. Coffee makers have been recommended for you if you want a coffee maker.

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