How To Clean a French Press Coffee Maker?

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How To Clean a French Press Coffee Maker

For individuals who want fresh and fast coffee, there is nothing good than the french press maker. This is a cylindrical pot with plunger and built-in filter screen which presses hot water into the ground coffee. French press coffee maker is simple and beautiful. The machine remains to be the perfect choice for many people because, it has ability of creating rich and taste coffee. the user can adjust the grind settings and choose from different settings to get a fine grind. This machine is well known because of its iniformity and consistency. The moment water is hot, the user will simply pour the water into the carafe and wait for only three minutes for the drink to be ready. This is near to instant brewing process.

It features 32 oz capacity water reservoir that enables the user to manually make up to 8 cups of flavorful and delicious coffee. this machine looks great on any settings of the kitchen. It also comes with innovative grounds lifter which enables the user remove all used coffee grounds just in simple step. The stainless steel glass pitcher and frame brews a traditional french press style coffee that has a rich flavor. This simple method of brewing coffee is a popular method that uses cylindrical grass carafe and stainless steel filter that helps in separating coffee grounds from the water. It is advisable to always boil water before grinding your beans to allow water to cool into the correct temperature and prevents scalding of the coffee.

How To Clean a French Press Coffee Maker?

Knowing how to clean your french press coffee making machine properly ensures that the dont break this machine. Cleaning this machine regularly by disassembling it, ensures that your coffee flavor is pure and taste delicious. The following are steps into cleaning your french press coffee maker.

Remove used grounds

The first step into cleaning this machine is to remove used grounds. This may sound easy but sometimes it is not an easy job. Gently you tap the bottom of the beaker over the compost to get a majority of grounds out. Sometimes other grounds may stuck in requiring you to use a spatula spoon to scoop out remaining bits. Avoid using metallic spoon in the French press. This is because you may scratch the beaker.

Disassemble and wash

Rinse the unit and the coffee plunger of extra grounds. You can then remove the beaker and rinse the outside to get a press stand. Disassemble the machine into the separate components; the coffee plunger, the lid, the disks, and the filter screens. The grounds will naturally get trapped between three disks. Ensure that you separate them and give thorough rinse to prevent build up from the the occuring. Wash the beaker with a light soap and use soft sponge to give it the scrub.

Scrub a dub dub

Use the soft cloth and scrub gently all the parts of the french press including the filter screen and plunger. This will help in ensuring that there is no any residue remaining in the machine. After scrubbing all the parts, give all the parts a thorough rinse to remove any remaining soap. This is because if any soap remains behind, it will alter the taste of the coffee.

Dry the machine

Carefully lay all the parts on the towel and leave them to dry. If you wish, you can also towel dry the machine parts. Let all the parts dry completely before you bring them back together for the next brewing.

Put french press parts back together

Put all parts together may look complicated than it is. You start by sliding the cleaned beaker into the holder. After sliding the beaker to the hold, you will then put back together any other part than remains and you are done.

Reassemble the press mechanism

Place a retaining disk on the flat surface. This piece has the screw in it which allows it to attach into the plunger. Place a mesh filter screen on the top of a retaining disk. This will then be followed by a spring disk. Starting from the top, the machine should have a spring disk, the mesh filter with a retaining disk on the bottom. You can then screw the machine to ensure that it is ok.


It is important to always clean your french press machine. After using the machine, clean with the soft cloth sponge. Make sure you avoid harsh scouring because they can scratch the machine leading into later cracks. Remove all parts of the machine and rinse them with clean water. After rinsing all the parts you can then put them back together and put the machine in a safe place. Cleaning your french press coffee maker regularly is important because it improves the taste and flavor of your drink.


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