Keurig B70 Platinum Brewing System Review

Keurig B70 brewing machine is actually the premier brand in the K-Cup line of keurig coffee maker. From Keurig B70 brewing system review, this coffee brewing machine is a perfect solution for home use or office use. It brews a perfect coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. It has five selectable cup sizes that let the user vary the strength of the beverage and fill the mug to the right level. Also it has a backlit LCD screen that controls all functions of the system including water temperature and cup size.

The 60 oz water reservoir machine also features a quiet brew technology for a delicious cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa. For convenience, keurig B70 Platinum features an auto shut-off function that shuts off when the machine is not in use. The removable drip tray of the machine makes the cleanup of the machine easy. The keurig B70 brews coffee very fast. It only takes half a minute to brew a perfect cup of coffee.

Keurig B70 Brewing System Review

Keurig B70 Brewing System Review

Key Features

  • Quiet brew technology
  • Removable 60 oz water reservoir
  • Fully programmable
  • Energy savings mode
  • Choice of five cup sizes
  • Backlit LCD display

Easy to set-up

Operating keurig B70 is easy. You only need to open the box and fill water in water container and plug in your machine. It is important to toss the cup of plain water all over the system before you brew your first cup of coffee. This will help in rinsing the inside of the machine. Operating this machine is very easy that even first time users can use the machine without the use of manuals.

Saves time

Among the fastest coffee brewing machines available in the market, keurig B70 remains to be a choice of many people. This brewer can brew a 8 oz cup in less than 30 seconds, hence saving a lot of time. Especially during morning hours, it will be of great important.

Mess free, no frills

Because K-cups are used, the user will not be troubled in grinding and measuring his or her own beans just for one cup of coffee. You simply pop k-cup into the machine and let it brew the coffee. After coffee, you dispose the K-Cup and take down removable parts that are dishwasher safe and clean them.

One-touch control panel

Keurig B70 has powerful programmable LCD data center. The user can easily set the machine to turn off or on at certain time he or she wants, hence saves a lot of energy and time. The user also has a choice of selecting exact temperature that the coffee is brewed. In addition, this brewer will tell when it is time for it to be washed.

Enjoying different cup sizes

The keurig B70 platinum offers variety of five different cup sizes that suits whatever the needs. For individuals who want stronger coffee, simply select a smallest sized coffee. Similarly, if you want mild coffee, you select the biggest cup size.


  • With this machine, you can set your best cup size option
  • Comes fully programmable
  • The machine is equipped with quiet technology that helps in curbing off the noise
  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful look and design


Requires some time to learn about it more especially when you are new to it.


  • Is keurig B70 easy to set-up?
    Yes it is not complicated
  • How often should I clean my keurig B70?
    The machine itself will alert the user when it is time to clean it up.

Customer Feedback

Among the high end coffee brewing machines, keurig B70 Platinum is one of the best liked machine most people want. It has been rated highly by many users because of its good results and performance. Customers are pleased by its advanced technology and advanced features that make it function well. Most of them have bought the product and are using it.


Keurig B70 brewing system review indicates that, this machine is well liked by many people who have used the product. it is a beautiful and sleek looking device for any countertop. Actually this is more than a coffee machine that brews single cups at a time. With this machine, you will only brew what you can drink at a particular time or one sitting. In less than 30 seconds, you will be enjoying your perfect and excellent cup of coffee.

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