Different Types Of Coffee Flavors

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Different types of coffee flavors

Among the most popular beverages in this world, coffee is one of them. Coffee is prepared in many ways from different brewing methods to different roasting methods. Every method used results in coffee with special overtones, aftertastes, body, and aroma. You will also find some coffee with fruity flavors and clean bright tastes which normally wakes up many workers all over the world. Most individuals consider coffee an essential part of the daily routines. Even though most of them may not take a venture beyond a trusted brand that they always take every morning they wake up.

Many people are familiar with the American flavored coffee and French flavored coffee, but all flavors are good for your health according to studies conducted. This guide gives information on different kinds of coffee flavors that you can find in the market today. They include; espresso, cappuccino, americano, caffe latte, caramel macchiato, cafe mocha, turkish coffee or greek coffee, cuban coffee, arabica coffee, vietnamese coffee.

Different types of coffee flavors


This is a strong black coffee that is made from forcing a steam through a dark roast aromatic coffee beans in an espresso machine at very high pressure. A well brewed espresso will have thick golden brown crema on the surface. When you add sugar, it will float on the surface for some seconds before sinking slowly to the bottom. This will definitely happen if the crema is good. Espresso is actually the foundation for varieties of coffee drinks.

Espresso can either be taken on its own or with small teaspoon of sugar. Having this flavor short means that the coffee has less water hence it is more concentrated. If you add the dollop of steamed milk, it will create an espresso macchiato. Topping espresso with a whipped cream makes it espresso con panna and espresso corretto is made from adding splash of cognac or sambuca. Espresso is a pure coffee and has no milk.


Cappuccino is a popular coffee flavor that has become staple even most common coffee shops carries the product. A true cappuccino combines equal parts of steamed milk, espresso and milk froth. All this makes your coffee taste weaker and more diluted. This flavor if it is made properly, it can double as the dessert with complex flavors and richness. You can have this coffee by sprinkling a cappuccino froth with unsweetened cocoa powder and enjoy your cup. Sometimes most of the coffee shops sprinkle flaked chocolate or cinnamon on top and others add some milk to suit tastes of regular customers.


Americano is the single short of espresso added to the cup of hot water. The name Americano is thought to have originated as bit of insults to Americans who used to dilute the espresso the moment it gained its popularity. Most of the coffee houses have perfected this flavor resulting into creamy and rich espresso based coffee which you can sip and savor before you jump onto vespa and heading to a field. Most people like drinking this flavor with milk and sugar as it is suggested by many.

Caffe Latte

You can get caffe latte from a single shot of espresso into three main parts of steamed milk. This flavor has got more milk than cappuccino. The best way to have this coffee flavor is to sugar the latte to taste and then have a great discovery of dipping. Taking this coffee with cookies, fresh bread and sponge-type cake slices can definately transform the coffee into breakfast that every person can approve of.

Caramel Macchiato

Caramel Macchiato is a flavor prepared by many ways in different coffee houses. The commonly used method is the combination of espresso, formed mil, and caramilk. Sometimes others use steamed milk and vanilla to provide extra flavor. To have it, add sugar and ensure you taste it first because it may be sweet enough as it is.

Cafe Mocha

In 17th century, cafe Mocha was very popular coffee flavor. This flavor is quite popular with ladies and mostly used after dinner coffee. This flavor is one part chocolate syrup and three or two parts of frothed milk. Customers can also ask for whipped cream.

Turkish Coffee or Known also as Greek Coffee

Greek or Turkish coffee is has got a different preparation from usual coffee. This flavor is thicker and it is made in cezve which is a long handled, open, copper pot. Water and a finely ground coffee are boiled together to make mix of thick coffee. The moment this coffee is prepared, it is served in smaller cups known as Demitasse cups. Cardamom pods and sugar are added before it is brewed.


Coffee beans originates from two species of coffee plants, processing methods and regional variations create dozens of types of coffee flavors. The three major regions of coffee beans are Latin America, Indonesia, and Africa. The Arabian coffee are generally considered to be part of the African varieties while South Asia and Indian regions are grouped with Indonesian variety. Besides regional differences in taste coffee beans can be roasted into special flavors. The brewing methods generally determines the final aspect of the taste of your coffee. Individuals who love coffee can enjoy learning more about different types of flavors.



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