How To Use Espresso Machine?

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How to use espresso machine

Espresso is the form of coffee which is finely grounde and then brewed using a small amount of boiling water. For every shot of espresso, you will get same amount of caffeine. Espresso machine brew highly concentrated, rich and dark brews for a great morning. Coffee beans are finely ground and parked to give a strong coffee. this machines are industrial devices that many people or restaurants use to make a great cup of coffee. These appliances are normally equipped with the steam wand which is used to steam milk, that is mostly the key ingredient in cappuccinos and lattes. Using this machine is absolutely simple. An addition of milk makes drinks such as latte, cappuccino and macchiato.

How To Use Espresso Machine?

Priming the machine

  • Fill the water reservoir with water and then turn on the cold water tap to allow it run for almost a minute. You can either remove the water reservoir and fill it at the tap or you can bring a separate water container and fill it with water and then pour it into the water reservoir. If your machine contains the lid, you can replace it when the water reservoir is full. Ensure that you don’t fill water reservoir past water line.
  • Turn on the machine to preheat itself for atleast 15 minutes. This will enable your machine to heat water and build pressure that is required to force water to the grounds.
  • Set up portfilter. This is the handled cup component on espresso machine which holds coffee grounds. Insert the filter basket to basin and then put in the portafilter upward to the bottom of group head and then turn your portafilter to right to lock it.
  • Rinse and dry your portafilter

Making an espresso shot

  • Measure the beans and grind them. To get a standard double shot, you will need around 18 – 21 grams of coffee beans. After grounding the beans, you can then remove your portafilter from group head and transfer grounds to portafilter.
  • Even the grounds and tamp them. You can use the finger in distributing the grounds and then level them off the top. You can then brush excess grounds into the bowl. You can tamp the grounds by hooking the portafilter to the ledge of the counter and place the tamper on top of grounds. Apply evenly pressure to the tamper.
  • Pull a shot of espresso. Do this by locking up the portafilter into the position, place the glass below the spout and then turn on the water to force water out through the compressed coffee inside the portafilter. The espresso will definitely pour out spout into the glass cup.
  • Transfer your shot into the serving glass.

Steaming milk

  • Purge the wand by cleaning it before and after use.
  • Measure and pour your milk
  • Submerge a wand and turn the steam on.
  • Purge your wand. Ensure you remove the container and set the container aside and then turn on the machine.
  • Pour the milk into the espresso drink immediately


Espresso machine is a small appliance that can be used in our homes to make popular drinks such as latte, cappuccino and macchiato. Using this machine is overwhelming task and most people love the machine. This machines brew excellent cup of coffee. it uses steam pressure in brewing strong coffee withsame characteristics as of the espresso from the machine. Most users are pleased with this product and they have reccommended it for its great job.

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