Keurig k75 single-cup home-brewing system review

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Keurig K75 coffee brewing machine makes a perfect cup of coffee at the touch of the small button. This machine offers range of 5 cup size options, and features like auto on/off, temperature control adjustments and many other features. The removable drip tray of keurig K75 makes cleaning of the machine easy. It also has a beautiful looking blue lit LCD display and it only takes four minutes to heat water at the initial set up. As the machine continues to heat, the red light will always illuminate and after heating, the red light will turn off. Keurig k75 single-cup home-brewing system review has actually shown that this system can make your coffee hot as you would like. It is because it has an option of temperature control. The user can adjust the temperature of the machine to brew the kind of coffee he wants.

Keurig k75 single-cup home-brewing system review

Keurig k75 single-cup home-brewing system review

Key Features

  • Quiet brew technology
  • Fully programmable
  • Choice of five cup sizes
  • Water filter handle
  • One charcoal filter
  • Removable 72 oz water reservoir
  • Energy savings mode

Offers multiple brew sizes

Keurig K75 can prepare and make your drinks in all beverage sizes available in the machine. The users of this system can make their favorite coffee in 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, and 12 oz sizes. The water reservoir of the machine is designed to hold up to 72 oz which is actually enough to deliver the full carafe of coffee, along with ability of choosing between different types.

Great looking coffee brewer that oozes taste

Keurig K75 looks great in your kitchen with a sleek, super-sized reservoir that extends stylishly into the top of a drip tray. The back lit LCD display of the machine also shows time, cup size selected, auto-off settings, and brew temperature. You can access the menu comfortably with sized button and make your selection. This machine will definitely change your kitchen and make your life simple.

Easy to use

This is one machine with friendly features that are easy to use. Pressing the brew button will simply start your process and within a short period your cup of coffee will be ready. Using this machine is very simple; you will only install the appropriate K-Cup pack and press the brew button. Keurig K75 coffee brewing machine will immediately dispense high quality beverage of your choice.

K-Cup pack ready

The K-Cup packs of keurig K75 are put into excellent use by the machine. It accepts the single doses of the favorite coffee or other brewed beverages and makes them conveniently on the spot. These K-Cup packs are many and come in hundreds of varieties. They offer a great way of giving coffee house-style variety at the comfort of your own office or home.

Control and adaptability

With its ability to brew different cup sizes and its massive 72 ounce water reservoir, keurig K75 gives you a great control and adaptability. You can remove the drip tray easily to accommodate the travel mug whenever it is required. The user can also control the temperature of brewing. If you want to use separate water filter like the Brita, then it is easier to remove the water filter of the machine and replace them.

Stylish, sleek design

Comparing this machine with other machines, you will find that K75 was primarily designed to be used in office. But this product looks pleasing even if it is used at home or office. It has a good design that makes many people believe on the product even if they have not used the product before.

Short heating time

The keurig K75 single cup machine brews your coffee very fast. It only takes less than four minutes to achieve the brewing temperature in the reservoir. The water is also isolated thermally to keep it at a desired temperature for longer time than in the competing systems. The 15-second reheat is available when you need your quick cup of coffee. This brew is very quick at brewing some quality coffee, hot cocoa, tea, and any other beverages.

Pros Of Keurig k75

  • The full support for the patented keurig K75 K-Cups makes the choice of cup sizes much more convenient.
  • Build for versatility and reliability
  • You can keep track of amount of remaining water using the blue-lit.
  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective
  • Compact size and great design

Cons Of Keurig k75

  • Filters are replaced regularly to preserve the taste
  • Sometimes a bit expensive to others


  • Does the keurig k75 stop heating if the reservoir runs dry? Yes it will stop.
  • Are the dispenser parts and water tank dishwasher safe? No, they should be cleaned with damp, soapy, and non-abrasive cloth and then rinsed.

Customer Feedback

Keurig K75 scores highly from the various reviews in the market. They are enthusiastic about the great look of the product, its speed, and ease of use. Others praise the product for its thoughtful design and quiet operation. This machine actually remains to be the flagship of the keurig line of brewing systems because of its great work.

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Actually I have come to learn from Keurig k75 single-cup home-brewing system review that, this is the name associated with quality and delicious taste. This product has actually gained its popularity in the market because of what it can do. This is one product that can brew a cup of coffee for within four minutes. It is the product with excellent design and compact shape that will make your kitchen look appealing. Most people have liked the product and are willing to pay to get the product. I urge you to buy it today and experience good things that other people are experiencing.

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